TSA, USA cont’d

In the Washington Post, the Sikh Coalition‘s Rajdeep Singh brings up the dubious claims of effectiveness of TSA’s AIT machines:

“The TSA and [Department of Homeland Security] sort of intimated to us that if these machines were to be used as a primary form of screening and if they were so powerful that they could detect beads of perspiration, that it would obviate the need for a human screener and setting Sikhs aside for secondary screening,” he said. “But they’re telling us they can’t see through a turban, which is thin cotton? It raises questions about the efficacy of the machines.”

 The TSA and Department of Homeland Security have made statements that are not consistent with each other, as I described before.  So, we’re not sure that the machines are efficient, and if they aren’t, it brings into question the reasoning behind the TSA spending so much money installing them.  

I also posted in the past about the insiders in Washington, DC who lobby on behalf of security-technology contractors.  Recently, an interesting graphic in the Washington Post lists the TSA’s top contractors.  On both lists is L-3 Communications – a company who has a far reach within government and who also happens to be a major recipient of contractor dollars.  Coincidence? 

Auditors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) are now asking questions about how the TSA has spent its money.  Perhaps the TSA itself needs to be put through a full pat down.

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