Missionaries at the door: When opportunity knocks

I really liked the following post on Twitter from the author of SikhSwim, and had to re-post it here:

SALDEF's Sikh Awareness Card

SALDEF's Sikh Awareness Card (saldef.org)

Admittedly, I’m usually both annoyed by missionaries who knock on my door to sell their religion to me, and amused by their facial expression when they see a full sardar answer the door. Usually, I’ll politely decline their materials and tell them I’m not interested. However, SikhSwim’s idea is great way to turn an annoyance into an opportunity to bring more awareness about Sikhs. And, all this requires is for me to answer my door.

The awareness cards are available from SALDEF. I’m going to place an order and keep some by my front door, in my car, and in my wallet.


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