More turban swagger from Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh (photo:

Gagan Singh (photo:

About a month ago, I mentioned a post on that highlighted one Gagan Singh in their profiles of stylish readers of their website.  They have now released a full feature of Gagan Singh and his prep fashion sense.

Sikhs can wear turbans of any color.  There isn’t any special religious significance associated with what color turban a Sikh might wear, aside from with what the individual might associate a color.  It’s interesting to see how different Sikhs incorporate color preferences and style with their turbans.

I’m not the most fashion savvy person, but I can’t say that “prep” is what I aim for. And, I generally wear black just because it’s simple.  I’ve heard a multitude of theories about how to incorporate my turban into what I’m wearing: match it with my shirt, my tie (when I wear one), or coordinate with some color I’m wearing.  My takeaway from this feature? You can match the color of your turban with what you’re wearing, or wear a color that totally stands apart.  It’s more about the overall effect.

The turban part is easy. Now, I need to find me some fashion sense.



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