Scene of suspected hate crimes, Elk Grove, CA to promote its diversity

Elk Grove, California Diversity Pledge ad (source:

Elk Grove, California Diversity Pledge ad (source:

The California city of Elk Grove has been the scene of two notable and suspected hate crimes this year: the shooting deaths of Sikh seniors Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal during their evening walk, and the beating of a gay man at a local bowling alley.

In response to these tragic incidents, the Elk Grove’s City Council is launching its Diversity Awareness Campaign to promote the diversity of the city which is centered around its “Diversity Pledge“.  According to Elk Grove’s Mayor:

“Elk Grove is a wonderfully diverse community and a city that accepts and embraces all cultures. Our diversity is one of the city’s greatest assets and is what makes Elk Grove the community it is today,” said Mayor Steven Detrick. “I urge members of the Elk Grove community to take the pledge and promote the message of unity, acceptance and respect for all Elk Grove residents.”

It is comforting to see Elk Grove’s leaders take active steps to counter hate-based crimes within its borders.


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