“Day of Action” on October 16, 2011 to help solve Elk Grove, CA murders

Day of Action poster for Elk Grove, CA murders of Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal

Day of Action poster for Elk Grove, CA murders of Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal

On March 4, 2011, Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal, two elderly Sikh friends, were out on their regular afternoon walk in Elk Grove, California, when they were shot in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight on residential street. Both men tragically died and the area’s Sikh and Elk Grove community were left reeling by the attacks.

The murders of these innocent men is suspected to be a hate crime. To date, no suspects have been found and the crime is unsolved.

More than seven months after Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal were shot, a “Day of Action” is being organized in Elk Grove, California near the scene of the murders on Sunday, October 16, 2011:

Day of Action

Help Find The Criminals That Murdered Surinder Singh and Gurmej Singh Atwal

Join us in Elk Grove as we blanket the city, contacting local businesses and posting reward bulletins.

Tentative Schedule:
9:45am — Gather at the EG Park & Ride near the site of the murders
10:00am — Press Conference announcing updated reward amount, Statement by EGPD/Mayor/Family/Governor’s office
10:30am — Volunteers go to assigned areas to request that local businesses put up a flyer re EG Shooting Deaths (location/reward/witnesses)
12:30pm — Return to Park&Ride for debriefing and Ardaas
12:45pm — Langar

Intersection of East Stockton Boulevard at Geneva Point Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95624

For more information, see the Facebook page created for this event.


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