Andrew Bowen’s last day as a Sikh

Andrew Bowen: "Beginning of the month/End of the month" (photo:

Andrew Bowen: "Beginning of the month/End of the month" (photo:

So here we are at the end. I’m told that, while I will not go on looking like a Sikh, a Sikh is one who searches for truth and meditates of the divine in all. In reality then, even though today I shave the lion’s mane (unshorn hair) of the Kesh I wore so proudly, I am still one of them in spirit. In fact, that description sounds a lot like many of us, doesn’t it? We are so much more alike, so much more like a family than we realize…

— So writes Andrew Bowen, who, at the end of September, concluded his month of living as the Sikh named “Andrew Singh”.  During this year, Bowen has been immersing himself in a different faith each month and reporting on his experiences as part of Project Conversion 12.

His 30-day experience as a Sikh is a bit of a microcosm of the entire Sikh experience, and I must admit that as much as he has learned about Sikhism in this short time, reading about his experiences has also been an education for me as a life-long Sikh as well.  Both non-Sikhs and Sikhs could learn from his experiences, insights and observations.

Bowen’s articles about living as a Sikh can be found at


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