According to Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends”, the Sikhs of Stockton, CA are killing Christmas

The hosts of Fox News Channel’s nationally-airing morning program, Fox & Friends, went on a diatribe about the policy of a school in Stockton, California to maintain a non-denominational holiday celebration within its classrooms.  One of the hosts, Gretchen Carlson, went on an especially disdainful rant and cited the presence of Stockton’s Gurdwara and Sikh population, the oldest in America, as the reason why the Christian aspect of the season was being downplayed by the school. From News Hounds:

Reading her material, she said that “one of the other rationales that the school administrator mentioned that the first Sikh temple in the west is located in their city so they didn’t want to offend those people.” (Last two words emphasized) With a look of absolute disgust on her pretty face, she threw her paperwork across the stage. Kilmeade “joked” that they “seek not to offend.”

Obvious arguments about the separation of church and state that is being appropriately applied by the school would be lost on these hosts and many of the followers of Fox News, however it is disturbing that they have openly vilified and mocked Stockton’s Sikh population on national television.


  1. D Singh

    The presenters clearly need to get their point straight and clear before making it. Then again, saying that Fox news clearly does not hold the best track record for the most accurate, reliable and impartial journalism – not leaving much to say about the presenters.

    This rant at the Sikh community obviously hurts sentiments, but causes more concern at the ‘blind’ accusations being hurled this way. The Sikh religion, is definitively the most tolerant religion in the World we live in, one simply needs to look very briefly into the teachings and practices of the Sikh way of life to realise this.

    It is not the Sikh community’s issue, that the school concerned does not have the ‘balls’ to celebrate Christmas, due to some bogus form of political correctness which they are afraid will bite them on the backside.

    I myself, a proud British Sikh, now living in Canada am writing this reply just as I turn off the lights on my Christmas tree for the night – yes, MY Christmas tree. I do not know of any Sikh who forbids the celebration of Christmas. There are some who may not actively participate in this festive period, which is one’s prerogative, but none stop another from celebrating this joyous occasion.

    I do not have much else to say about the presenters, but I pray that they realise why Sikhs may be offended by false statements.

    All that aside, I would like to extend warmest wishes at this wonderful time of year and wish the presenters at FOX a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

  2. yadig

    FYI…newshounds took down their article where they said Sikhs declare war on Christmas? hmmm….. I wonder why. Oh yeah beause their headline was WRONG. Now I’m not one to be a fan of fox news (ewwww) but honestly this is a bit of stretch to title something that was not said offensively as “Sikhs Trying to Kill Christmas.” And a word to Mr. Singh I would definitely look before approving this and passing it on.

    • Thanks for your comment. You are correct that the News Hounds article no longer appears on their site, but your assumption as to the reason why is probably incorrect.

      News Hounds has stated on their website that they are transitioning to a new website host (you might want to look for yourself), and as such, many of their previous articles are still in the process of being transferred over.

      So, the reason that the article I cite above is not currently appearing on their website is probably technical. I trust that the News Hounds article will reappear with all their old ones once their transition is complete.

      The sarcasm and disdain with which the Fox & Friends hosts discussed the Sikhs was offensive, especially considering how vulnerable Sikhs are to hate crimes. Perhaps you were not offended by Fox & Friends’ display, but many Sikhs and others were.

      Also, I wonder if the hosts of Fox & Friends knew about the neighborhood Christmas party hosted by Stockton’s Sikhs before they singled out the Sikhs as a reason why Christmas was not being celebrated in a public school. Regardless, it’s Fox & Friends who needs to provide a retraction.

  3. Herjinder Kaur

    Listen the woman in the middle sounds so ignorant, shes says, “get over it” she needs to get over the fact that if she was Jewish and they were brining Santas and Christmas trees instead of draddles she would be the FIRST idiot having something smart to say about offending religions. They were smart not to mention that they might have had muslim students or Jewish students in the school that the school didn’t want to offend. Instead they blame it on the SIKHS, yeah listen white people just stay money hungry backstabbers of the world and don’t worry people of all religions will continue shopping during the “holidays” to fill your pot of greed! Oh i think i offened some “crackers” well…”get over it”!

    • jasleen kaur

      as a “tolerant” sikh, perhaps you don’t need to blame all the evils in the world on “white people”?

      fox news is made by idiots, staffed by idiots, to appeal to idiots. it’s not representative of the white population as a whole.

  4. Sheena

    This is disgusting. Fox being a large tv network it should embrace all religions and cultures. To criticise one and favour another is shocking. I refuse to watch Fix until an apology is made

  5. Daljit Singh Makan

    Whoever made the comment that they didn’t want to offend Sikhs in Stockton by celebrating Christmas clearly doesn’t know Sikhs or understand the Sikh faith. As a Sikh and someone who has lived in the UK for 46 years of my 47 years, I feel proud to call myself British. I equally feel blessed to be a member of a faith group that follows the universal, pluralistic and utterly inclusive teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Rather than feel offended by Christians celebrating Christmas, I was always taught to join in with the festivities of other faith groups, share in their joy and as a result learn more about life’s rich tapestry. In 2008, we made a short film with the BBC about Sikhism and the Sikh attitude to Christmas. It’s available to watch on YouTube


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