Fresno, CA airport Sikh stabbing victim identified

"Anup Singh Ji, Ex-Prachark SGPC, who was stabbed at the Fresno airport" (photo:

"Anup Singh Ji, Ex-Prachark SGPC, who was stabbed at the Fresno airport" (photo:

The organization UNITED SIKHS provides an update on the identity of the Sikh who was stabbed at the airport in Fresno, California last Sunday as 56-year-0ld Anup Singh, a preacher who resides in the United Kingdom. They also report the description of the attack by an eyewitness:

UNITED SIKHS team spoke to a Fresno resident Bakhtawar Singh, an eyewitness to this fearsome incident who had gone to drop the victim, Anup Singh. Bhaktawar Singh said, “This young man came forward and lunged at Bhai Saheb, who donned an open flowing beard and hit him with a knife just below the collar bone.  Few minutes before the incident, I saw him going towards his bag and taking out something but I didn’t know that he was going to stab. I don’t support a full flowing beard and I think that I was spared because I didn’t look like one of the images being flashed on Television screens today. Blood was oozing out from Anup Singh’s wound and the assailant ran towards the exit. ”

Anup Singh is also quoted and believes he was targeted because of his appearance. The attacker, Mitchell Dufur, still hasn’t admitted his motive and authorities have not applied hate crime charges.

UNITED SIKHS is the second Sikh organization to take up this case, in addition to SALDEF.  The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has also called for this case to be investigated as a hate crime.


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