Culture, Law and the unfulfilled American promise

Rajdeep Singh, of the Sikh Coalition, writes in the New York Times:

Sikh Americans, in particular, continue to face relentless challenges in the post-9/11 environment. Worse still, American law affords inadequate protection to Sikhs against religious discrimination and, in some cases, reflects deep-seated stereotypes about American identity.

For Sikhs, it is indeed a two-fold challenge: there are both cultural and legal hurdles that we face in this country that prevents Sikhs from experiencing full equality.  These hurdles are not in isolation either, but actually feed into each other.

However, the challenges are not for the Sikhs alone. For the United States, there arises a singular challenge here: deliver on its promise enshrined in its Constitution to guarantee freedom of religion to its citizens.

However, as Sikhs have historically stood for religious freedom for all people, these are challenges that we are up for, and in taking these on, we will help fulfill America’s promise.


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