Who are Rick Santorum’s “God’s people”?

This is not a political blog per se, and not to pick on Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (since I’ve mentioned him before), but in his speech after the Iowa Caucus results last night, he made the following comment:

God has given us this great country to allow His people — to allow His people to be free, has given us that dignity because we are a creation of His, and we need to honor that creation. And whether it’s the sanctity of life in the womb or the dignity of every working person in America to fulfill their potential, you will have a friend in Rick Santorum.

Santorum’s use of “His people” gave me some pause.  Given his conservative Christian values and his open endorsement of ethnic/racial profiling of Muslims that would deny them civil liberties, I wondered who exactly Santorum considers as the people that God wanted to be free.

As Rick Santorum has now achieved some prominence among the Republican candidates for US President, his comments require explanation for the many of us in this country who are non-Christians.


  1. Dr. David Heinimann

    “God’s people” are whoever claim themselves as such. We invented the divine, so every cult, every faith, is a humanity unto themselves. We are not much beyond the ancient world of thousands of deities. All vanity, all fear.

    Read Matt Rossano, “Supernatural Selection” (Oxford University Press, 2011) for how we invent. Our only god is ourselves, to the extent that we live humanely.


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