Elk Grove, CA PD provides new details about search of murders of Sikhs

Suspect Vehicle in Elk Grove, CA, murders of Sikh grandfathers (source: Sacramento Bee)

Suspect Vehicle in 2011 Elk Grove, CA, murders of Sikh grandfathers (source: Sacramento Bee)

The Elk Grove, California Police Department provided an update today in their search for the killer(s) of Sikh seniors Surinder Singh and Gurmej Atwal, who were shot and killed last year while on their daily walk. Based on witness accounts, the police have now have a confirmed description of the suspect’s vehicle:

At a press conference this afternoon, police officials said the suspect drove a lifted full-size pick-up truck, tan or gold in color, with a standard-size cab, similar to the one pictured at left. They do not have details on the make or model year of the truck.

Initially, police had been searching for a pick up truck, but have now provided a little more detail about the vehicle. The investigation is still ongoing and the police are seeking more information, with a reward offered of $57,000.  The Elk Grove Police Department can be reached at (916) 714-5115.


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