Picture of the Day: Sikh family in VA receives death threat letter in apparent hate crime

"Sikh American Family Received Death Threat" (photo: saldef.org)

"Sikh American Family Received Death Threat" (photo: saldef.org)

According to SALDEF (the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund), a Sikh family in Sterling, Virginia received a death threat in the mail this week. The anonymous letter accuses this family as being members of the Taliban:

“Our People in the neighborhood have been closely watching your activities and figured out you are a close associate of a secret Taliban movement on the US Soil. We ask you to leave the country as soon as possible otherwise one of our people is going to shoot you dead. Don’t attempt to relocate somewhere else in America as people are closely monitoring your day to day activities.”

This act of intimidation is clearly a hate crime (and follows a string of such crimes against this Sikh family), and SALDEF is pursuing this case with the FBI. Let us hope those responsible for this crime are apprehended.  Read more in the bulletin released by SALDEF.


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