MTA agrees to unbrand Sikh turbans

For the better part of the last decade, Sikhs and Muslims have been campaigning against a discriminatory policy by New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) that required followers of these religions to affix the MTA logo on religious articles of faith that were worn on the head, even though the MTA distributed headwear that did not carry the logo to other employees . For Sikhs, this meant that for the purposes of employment, they were required to attach an “MTA” patch to the front of their turbans.

Sikh, Muslim, and other civil rights organizations joined city officials and the federal Department of Justice in opposing the MTA policy that was only being enforced recently and only particularly directed towards Sikhs and Muslims.

Yesterday, an agreement in principle was announced whereby the MTA would no longer require this patch. It has taken about seven or eight years for this good news, but at least it has finally come.

(The video above is of a press conference in 2009 by Sikhs opposed to the discriminatory MTA policy)


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