Picture of the Day: Lakhvir Singh Sidhu, champion turban

Lakhvir Singh Sidhu (huffingtonpost.com)

Lakhvir Singh Sidhu (huffingtonpost.com)

San Jose, California-based Punjab Radio USA recently announced the winner of their second annual turban-tying competition, awarding Lakhvir Singh Sidhu the top prize:

In order to raise awareness of Sikh identity and promote pride among younger American Sikhs, the San Jose-based Punjabi Radio USA launched a turban tying competition on Facebook last year, attracting thousands of participants across the globe. The news of the competition hit streets across the world as pictures of colorful turbans started pouring into Punjabi Radio’s Facebook page.

This year’s Second World Sikh Turban Competition attracted hundreds of participants, while thousands of others took part in voting for the winners. Although the competition was geared toward the Sikh community, several non-Sikhs enthusiastically joined in the competition.

Congratulations to all of the participants and kudos to Punjab Radio USA for celebrating one of our articles of faith. You can see the photos of the winners of all of the categories on the Huffington Post or at Punjab Radio USA’s Facebook page.


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