Sikhs in Redding, CA area to celebrate Vaisakhi this weekend

Vaisakhi is traditionally celebrated in the middle of April, however the Sikhs in the Redding, California area are ready to celebrate for themselves this Saturday. The Sikh Center of Anderson, about ten miles south of the northern California city of Redding, will be celebrating their fifth annual Vaisakhi Festival and Day of Non-Violence this Saturday, May 5:

The public is invited to attend the celebration that will include Punjabi food, displays, demonstrations and workshops reflecting aspects of Punjabi life in northern India.

Participants are encouraged to sample Punjabi food, take home easy-to-follow recipes and see how to make chapatis, said Amarjit Singh, coordinator of the cultural event.

Musicians will perform on classical Indian instruments and photographs of historical events from Sikh culture will also be on display, Singh said.

Male guests will learn the intricacies of turban tying while the women may try on beautiful Punjabi suits and take the clothing home as a gift from the Sikh Centre, he said.

Young Sikh children will give a demonstration of Sikh martial arts and other local groups will perform multi-cultural music and dances as well, Singh said.

Similar to previous years, the Vaisakhi celebrations of this Sikh community has an emphasis on interfaith outreach and education of their community.

[Video above: gatka (Sikh martial art) demonstration last year’s Vaisakhi celebrations in Anderson, California.]


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