CA Workplace Religious Freedom Act heading to Assembly vote

Supporters of AB1964 at the State Capitol in Sacramento. (photo: | Sikh Coalition)

Supporters of AB1964 at the State Capitol in Sacramento. (photo: | Sikh Coalition)

The proposed Workplace Religious Freedom Act (AB1964) in California (discussed previously on this blog), sponsored by the Sikh Coalition, cleared its third milestone when it was approved by the California Assembly Appropriations Committee yesterday.

AB1964 makes more clear the requirement of employers to accommodate the religious articles of faith of employees, and is meant to reduce discriminatory practices in the workplace. This issue has a direct bearing on Sikhs, who often face employment discrimination based on their articles of faith (such as uncut hair and/or the Sikh turban). That the proposed legislation has made it this far in the Assembly is a great achievement, there is still much ahead to see this proposal become law:

Assembly Labor Committee
Assembly Judiciary Committee
Assembly Appropriations Committee
Assembly Floor Vote
Senate Labor Committee
Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee
Senate Floor Vote
Governor’s Desk

AB1964 is now heading for an Assembly vote, and if it passes this stage, it will move on to consideration by the California Senate.  California residents can help this bill pass successfully through the Assembly by encouraging their respective Assemblymember to support the AB1964.  The Sikh Coalition provides an easy and quick way to do this using the automatic petition on their website.

Credit goes to the Sikh Coalition, Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (who introduced the bill) and community leaders of all stripes who have worked diligently to see this bill through the political process.

More information about the bill is available at the Sikh Coalition’s website.


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