Women who wear turbans

"Inderpal Kaur, 21, wears a turban primarily to be identified as Sikh." (source: The Seattle Times)

“Inderpal Kaur, 21, wears a turban primarily to be identified as Sikh.” (source: The Seattle Times)

An article in the Seattle Times discusses women who wear religious head-coverings in the United States. A Sikh woman who wears a turban, Inderpal Kaur, narrates her experiences when she first began wearing it:

“I was very nervous; not sure if my friends would accept me this way,” she says. “But my dad told me, ‘You stepped into this path and you have to put your trust in God. He won’t let you down. Don’t worry about it.’ “

While the turban is more typically associated with Sikh men, many women also include this in their Sikh practice, even though the pressures around cultural conformity in doing so probably become much more amplified.  And yet, religious conviction sees such women challenge stereotypes outside — and inside — of their culture by making the conscious choice to wear the turban, or other respective headdress.

The Seattle Times piece also delves into the history behind the female headdress, and surveys traditions and experiences of other faiths. You can read more here.


  1. That woman is stunning and could wear anything, but as such, I guess she is a perfect model for a turban. She makes it look absolutely chic. This is a nice line of discussion though. I wasn’t aware that Sikh women could wear a turban if they wanted to.


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