Jakara Movement launches Sikhiya – graduate/professional school application service

Jakara Movement

(source: Jakara Movement)

Jakara Movement, a grassroots Sikh youth organization (and the one behind the Sikholars Sikh Graduate Student Conference), has launched a free graduate and professional school application counseling service, called Sikhiya, to encourage the growth of the Sikh academic community by leveraging the experience of successful applicants to help those who are in the application process for admittance to graduate/professional school programs. As described on The Langar Hall:

…the Jakara Movement is proud to announce the creation of Sikhiya, a free graduate and professional school application service that works to bring the expertise of those who are already in programs to those who are applying. Sikhiya involves several steps of application consultation and editing, as well as the expertise of sevadars who have informally helped many other Sikhs achieve their potential. With Sikhiya, the collective knowledge of the community will be institutionalized,  and the greatest potential of the panth can be reached. We welcome the involvement of applicants and experts from all fields and graduate degree paths: MA, MSW, MPP, MD, JD, PhD, etc. If you are interested in applying or volunteering, please visit the Sikhiya Project website.

Recalling my own experience as a graduate school applicant many years ago, Sikhiya should  prove to be a relevant and valuable resource for those who are seeking higher education.

One comment

  1. Amit_Singh

    Great initiative from what I can see (even though I don’t know the complete information). pHD’s within academia and the academic field are very much needed in the panth in the West, just as much as civil rights organizations and what not. A sort of relevant article (even though I really don’t like Sikhchic’s commenting censorship and policy) http://www.sikhchic.com/current_events/who_speaketh_for_the_panth . Sikhs in the academia have been very misunderstood for a while even here in the United States.


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