Naveen Kaur educates about her Sikh faith on “Smart Girls with Amy Poehler”

This following video is making the rounds on social media today. Enjoy watching one Naveen Kaur educate about the Sikh faith on the YouTube series “Smart Girls with Amy Poehler“:

Amy Poehler, a popular comedian and actor, hosts “Smart Girls” to profile the uniqueness of teens:

Smart Girls at the Party, which has some 7,500 subscribers thus far and has generated more than 400,000 views, is geared toward adolescent girls and young teens with the stated aim to “celebrate individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.”

“We wanted to celebrate the non-celebrity,” says Poehler. “We wanted to embrace and highlight the cool period in any boy or girl’s life where they’re just so full of possibility and ideas and passion.”


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