MA Sikh Sarbpreet Singh recognized in “2012 Bostonians of the Year” list

In its 2012 list of “Bostonians of the Year”, the Boston Globe gave an honorable mention to Sarbpreet Singh, a local Sikh leader in from Milford, Massachusetts, particularly for his work after the shooting that occurred in the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin:

…through his writings, his promotion of traditional Sikh music, and his interfaith nonprofit work on behalf of refugees, Singh has helped weave Sikhism into the fabric of religious life in Boston. “I continue to be amazed at how generous and tolerant he was about our questions and our curiosity and how he helped us understand the beauty of their tradition,” says the Rev. Laura Everett, executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches

Read more at the Boston Globe. Also, see a previous post in which Sarbpreet Singh explains Gurmat Sangeet in an interview with Diana Ecks, from Harvard University’s Pluralism Project.


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