Lt. Brian Murphy recounts Oak Creek attack

Lt. Brian Murphy (source: Greg Miller | Esquire Magazine)

Lt. Brian Murphy (source: Greg Miller | Esquire Magazine)

In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Oak Creek Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy describes his confrontation with the shooter during the attack at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in August, one that almost took his life:

I’d gotten a chance to look him in the eye. There was nothing. Pure nothing. Not hate. Not anger. Not emotion. Now I think, How did he get to that point? He made himself to be someone who thought life didn’t mean anything. I mean, he was at a temple, shooting at worshippers, old men, women, and children. Who does that? Who really does that?

Lt. Murphy was shot 15 times but miraculously survived. The entire interview — riveting, unfiltered, and moving — is here. Note that the language and content may not be appropriate for younger readers.

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