The Aerogram interviews writer Preeti Kaur

"Wheatfield with Crows" by Vincent Van Gogh, 1890. (source: Wikipedia)

“Wheatfield with Crows” by Vincent Van Gogh, 1890. (source: Wikipedia)

On The Aerogram, Pavani Yalamanchili interviews poet and writer Preeti Kaur. In Part I of the interview, she talks about her early influences, including her grandmother:

It felt like magic every time I would receive a dohra written just for me. My most memorable is one dohra she wrote in her last few years of life, where she talks about standing on the terrace drying her hair. A flock of crows flies by and she asks them to deliver a letter of love to me in America.

Preeti Kaur’s touching expression has often been shared on this blog (see “Letters Home” and “You Bring Out the Punjabi in Me“). Her work is very moving, and so I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this talented writer. Read The Aerogram’s complete first part of their interview with Preeti Kaur here.

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