The experiences of Sikh women who wear turbans

A Sikh woman plays the rebab, a traditional Sikh instrument. (Photo credit: Karaminder Ghuman)

A Sikh woman plays the rebab, a traditional Sikh instrument. (Photo credit: Karaminder Ghuman)

The blog A Kaur’s Thoughts presents results of a survey about women who wear turbans (dastar). While it is not as common for Sikh women to wear this article of faith as it is for men, it appears that its adoption among Sikh women is growing.

One chart was particularly noteworthy. On the question about whether other women in their families wear a dastar, one type of response was the most common:

Responses to Kaur Thoughts Survey about other women wearing turbans (Source: A Kaur's Thoughts)

Responses to the question “Which females in your family wear dastars?” on the A Kaur’s Thoughts survey of women who wear turbans. (Source: A Kaur’s Thoughts)

Interestingly, over half of the respondents (there were a total of 41 respondents) indicated that no other woman in their family also wore a turban. In other words, for these women, adopting a turban was an intentional choice that was unprecedented in their families. Thus, the adoption of the turban by these women was a conscious choice of their own.

The survey also reports on the self-perceptions and experiences of these women, as well as that of Sikh men about women who wear turbans. See the full set of results of the survey at A Kaur’s Thoughts. A previous post on this blog about Sikh women who wear turbans is here.

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