An unexpected ad for the USA

Discover America” is a marketing program purposed to promote tourism to the United States from abroad. The program is a public-private partnership between the US Commerce Department and interests within the US travel and hospitality industry. In 2012, the program launched its theme song “Land of Dreams” performed by Rosanne Cash.

The official video for the song remarkably portrays a rather multicultural image of America, and features (among other people) a Sikh tabla player (nod to @manish_vij for the link):

The video is certainly unexpected, so much so that it even caught satirist Stephen Colbert by surprise on a recent segment of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.

Find out more about the Discover America campaign at


  1. PSingh

    Thank you. I agree. An adult Sikh male without a turban makes me think of blacks trying to lighten their skin or straighten their hair. Very sad, and even more so when you are suppose to represent courage.

  2. PSingh

    (I’m not American) …and otherwise a beautiful ad from a country which includes many beautiful progressive people which don’t make it into soundbytes that represent America.


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