Turbans as fashion

Gunpreet Rekhi's turban collection (source: The Fine Young Gentleman)

Gunpreet Rekhi’s turban collection (source: The Fine Young Gentleman)

On the style blog The Fine Young Gentleman, Gunpreet Rekhi discusses how he expresses his fashion sense with his turban:

With every passing year, my collection has grown larger and larger (see photo above).  I’ve acquired somewhat of a reputation for matching my turban to my outfit.  More often than not, the matching will be obvious.  Sometimes, I’ll have more fun with it and match the turban colour to a more discreet pattern (e.g. polka dots) or item (e.g. a pocket square) – just to keep my friends on their toes.  In my closet, I know exactly which turban will compliment a particular article of clothing.

Since purchasing my first black turban, I’ve added another 80+ colours to my ever-growing collection.   Details are important and I’m a firm believer that in order to pull off the look, exact shades matter.

From designer Waris Ahluwalia, to Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion tribute to the turban, to fashion profiles of Gagan Singh and now Gunpreet Rekhi, one wonders if the turban is beginning to emerge as an element in the fashion world.


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