Snatam Kaur’s “I am a Sikh”

In the video above, spiritual vocalist Snatam Kaur provides an overview of the Sikh faith. The beautifully narrated video is filmed at the Gurdwara in Bridgewater, New Jersey and is dedicated to the Sikhs who were murdered at the Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin last August:

Snatam Kaur (source: YouTube user sopurkh)

Snatam Kaur (source: YouTube user sopurkh)

In the honor and memory of those people who lost their lives at the Oak Creek Wisconsin Gurdwara (Sikh temple) shooting in the summer of 2012. Snatam Kaur, along with the Sikh community of the New Jersey Bridgewater Gurdwara, gives us an inside view of the beautiful Sikh way of life.

To donate to the families of the victims of the Oak Creek Gurdwara shooting please visit:

For more information about Sikhs, please visit

For more information about Snatam Kaur please visit:



  1. What happened in Wisconsin was heart breaking. The result of ignorance and much worse hatred. Snatam Kaur’s video was wonderful. I chant along with her music almost every day. May all the world over be blessed with an abundance of love and peace in their hearts and minds so tragedies like this cease to occur.


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