Attacker of WA Sikh taxi driver indicted on federal hate crime charge

Jamie Larson has been indicted on a federal hate crime charge after his October attack of a Sikh taxi driver.  (source: KOMO News)

Jamie Larson has been indicted on a federal hate crime charge after his October attack of a Sikh taxi driver. (source: KOMO News)

As mentioned on this blog last October, a man in Washington State was arrested after viciously assaulting a Sikh taxi driver in what was thought to be a hate-based crime:

Jamie W. Larson attacked the cab driver during an Oct. 17 ride after commenting on the man’s turban.  According to charging documents, Larson, 48, tore out chunks of the man’s beard during the assault, which also loosened one of the driver’s teeth.

Initially to face state hate crime charges, the US Department of Justice announced yesterday that a grand jury has indicted Jamie Larson on a federal hate crime charge, which carries with it a maximum 10-year sentence.

The indictment alleges that on Oct. 17, 2012, the subject assaulted the victim, based upon the victim’s actual and perceived race, color and national origin, which included Middle Eastern and Arab descent.

The October attack on the Sikh taxi driver in Federal Way, Washington, was described as “savage” and began when the driver picked Larson up as a fare, and did not stop even after police arrived, as “Larson continued making bigoted comments about the driver, an immigrant from India. According to police, Larson referred to him derisively as Iranian and Iraqi, and used several anti-Arab slurs before also using an anti-gay slur.”


  1. P Singh

    Gora? How different are you from him with an observation like that? Larson is far less dangerous than the apparently well mannered dirty shaven suits that make up or support wealthy corporate media. They brainwash thousands of vulnerable challenged minds like Larson.

    • Every time I read about matters such as these, it only serves to remind me of what I would have done in the past. I once walked Page’s path many years ago. For the longest of time there was a room in the house of my heart where causeless hatred resided. Even though he has been evicted, the carpeting had to be removed and the walls and ceiling needed to be redone to get the stink out. In so many words, the above is a confession. Part of this confession is the self-deprecating use of the word “gora”.

      For the twenty-four years on my own, I have shunned television in its manifold manifestations. For me, it is talk radio and the internet. Even then I must filter that via an informed tradition.

  2. P Singh

    Thank you for explaining. I am humbled by your explanation and the obstacles which you’ve overcome.

    I thought a ‘non-gora’ had decided to blame an entire race. I was most concerned about impressionable young Punjabis reading that. Turns out your message is one of hope and triumph.

    None of us can claim to have a home which does not need upkeep.

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    • Yes, my apologies. I try to catch them as I can, but not always an easy task to monitor the comments 24/7. The only other alternative to addressing this is to implement a comment approval or authentication process, however, I would prefer to leave it open to facilitate discussion.

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