Seattle, WA area Sikh cab driver attacked in hate crime

Two weeks ago, a Sikh taxi driver in the Seattle, Washington, area was physically attacked in an apparent hate crime as his intoxicated passenger hurled slurs at him:

King County prosecutors contend Jamie W. Larson attacked the cab driver during an Oct. 17 ride after commenting on the man’s turban.  According to charging documents, Larson, 48, tore out chunks of the man’s beard during the assault, which also loosened one of the driver’s teeth.

…Even after police arrived, Larson continued making bigoted comments about the driver, an immigrant from India. According to police, Larson referred to him derisively as Iranian and Iraqi, and used several anti-Arab slurs before also using an anti-gay slur.

“We have Americans fighting overseas in his country and why doesn’t he go back to there?” Larson allegedly asked officers at the scene.

This recent attack is reminiscent of the attack on the Sikh taxi driver in the Sacramento, California area two years ago. The assaulter in that 2010 attack was also charged and found guilty of perpetrating a hate crime.


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