Sacramento cab driver attacked, cont’d

There have been a few updates over the past few days on this story:

  • California Assemblywoman Marika Yamada out of West Sacramento has been supportive since Harbhajan Singh’s attack. Last Sunday, she addressed Sikhs at the Sacramento Sikh Temple:

“More than 60 years ago, the Japanese were being discriminated against. The Chinese were wearing buttons that read, ‘I am Chinese’ so they wouldn’t be mistaken as Japanese,” said Yamada. “After September 11th, we’re seeing a similar situation with Sikhs and Muslims. We need to be proactive to stop the hate now.”

  • The two men who assaulted Harbhajan Singh in his cab have had hate crime charges filed against them by the Yolo County District Attorney, in addition to felony assault charges.
  • A fund has been established to assist Harbhajan Singh as the 56-year old recovers from his injuries:

Contributions can be sent to Bank of America and directed to Harbhajan Singh, account No. 04262-73151.


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