American Sikh Day finds community support

It’s time to make clear that appearance, religious belief, clothing, color and nation of origin are not what identify an American. We all wear different jewelry and clothes, worship (or don’t worship) in diverse ways, follow various practices in our lives and are vital, important parts of this community.

So in the spirit of the legend of King Christian, we urge our readers to stand together, on April 13, in solidarity with members of a community who are being singled out for discrimination and violence. As Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg suggested last month, let us all wear turbans or the chunni head scarves of Sikh women on that day.

Let’s be clear: In Sacramento, we stand together. We are all Sikhs. We are all Muslims. We are all Jews, Christians, Buddhists, pagans, Baha’i and atheist. If one of us is targeted, we will all respond.

Because, ultimately, we are all Sacramentans.

— from the Sacramento News & Review editorial entitled “We are all Sikhs“, inviting the community to attend American Sikh Day on April 13 (at the California State Capitol building from 11 AM – 1:30 PM). More information about American Sikh Day is available on their website.



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