Tomorrow: American Sikh Day and International Turban Day

As mentioned on this blog previously, tomorrow (April 13, 2011) is “American Sikh Day” in California, which is to be commemorated on the steps of the state capital building from 11 AM to 1:30.  Visit the American Sikh Day website for more details. 

Tomorrow, in honor of Vaisakhi, is also International Turban Day:

Since 2004, on Turban Day, Sikhs worldwide organise various events to give information about the turban to the general community in their locality. Turbans of every hue are represented at these events and posters highlighting information about Sikhi are also displayed and handed out.

Turban tying session are arranged so that youngsters and others get a chance to wear a turban for the first time and have their photos taken. Many non-Sikhs take part in these events and sport the traditional headgear of the Sikhs to show solidarity with the community.

Many famous personalities are also invited to these events to bring more media attention to the plight of the Sikhs since 9/11.

Not an actual photo of the Donald, but it's an improvement.

You can keep up-to-date on the goings on for International Turban Day on the Facebook page set up in honor of the day.

To commemorate the day, if you would like to see what you would look like in a turban and don’t know anyone who could help you tie one, try one of several styles of turbans – virtually – on, and make it your profile picture on your favorite social media site!


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