Sikh-awareness seminars take place in California

As Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi this week, Sikhs are trying to bring awareness to non-Sikhs about the Sikh identity and religion.

Last Saturday, an educational seminar for teachers and school officials took place at the Gurdwara in West Sacramento, CA, to bring more awareness about Sikhism and Sikhs.  It was covered by local news on channel KCRA3.  Click here for the video.

Another seminar, sponsored by the Gurdwara in Yuba City, CA, was held today at Yuba City’s City Hall:

Issues faced by Sikh Americans since 9/11 will be addressed today during an outreach program with U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner at Yuba City City Hall.

The program is to meet with local law enforcement and members of the Sikh community.

Issues include hate crimes, school bullying and TSA security screening procedures.

The event at 201 Civic Center Blvd. starts at 2 p.m., with Wagner speaking at 2:45 p.m. The program also includes a law enforcement training video on Sikhism produced by the U.S. Department of Justice and a question and answer session.

These efforts are especially poignant as they take place in the shadow of the Elk Grove shootings last month.


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