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Attacker of Sacramento Sikh cabbie changes his mind

The sentencing process for the attackers of Sikh taxi driver Harbhajan Singh in West Sacramento, CA, still needs to come to a resolution after one of the attackers withdrew his guilty plea today:

WOODLAND, CA – A man set to be sentenced to 13 years in prison for a hate crime attack on a taxi driver in West Sacramento last Nov. 28, withdrew his guilty plea in court Friday morning.

Pedro Ramirez had admitted in a plea agreement with the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office to beating Harbhajan Singh because of his belief Singh was a Muslim. Singh is Sikh.

At Friday’s hearing, Yolo County Superior Court Judge Timothy Fall assigned a new attorney to Martinez and ordered his return to court April 15.

During the attack, Ramirez accused Harbhajan Singh of being a Muslim and referred to him as Osama bin Laden.  He turned himself in several days later and plead guilty to hate crime and assault charges. 


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